February Trio Special

February Special

Get our 2013 Alliànce, 2015 Vicuña Roja and 2014 Sea Buckthorn Riesling for $100 when purchased as a trio! That's a savings of 25% (regular $134 including all taxes). Offer applies to pick-up orders only, cannot be combined with any other discounts, and ends on February 29, 2020.

Blackwoodlane Winery Tasting Room

Free Wine Tastings, Daily!

Join us in the Tasting Room where we will select 3-5 wines to offer for complimentary wine tastings every day through December and January!

We’re open Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Blackwood Lane Winery

Groups - Come Early and Save!

Groups of 6 or more that make an early reservation (between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM) will get their wine tastings at 50% off! Call the winery to book! 604-856-5787


Blackwood Lane Winery

Blackwood LaneWorld-Class Wines

Great wines start with great grapes, so we secured the best grapes of the Okanagan Valley in the Oliver-Osoyoos area. This, combined with old fashioned, traditional, proven techniques (without chemicals or mechanical pumps) and uncompromising quality (using only brand new barriques), we create wines that are winning ...

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vineyard wedding

On LocationEvents

There are few things more glamorous than a summer wedding at our winery! Host up to 40 guests for an intimate evening in our solarium, or 175 on our terrace.  The stunning view from our south-facing piazza is the perfect backdrop for your romantic wedding! Pair our wines with amazing culinary dishes, and you'll be ready to celebrate!

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wine tasting

Indulge your SensesWine Tastings

Our wine tastings are always fun, friendly, and informative! Bring a group or just come with a friend. We’d love to introduce you to our award-winning wines, and show you around our winery as well! Our wine tastings are great for the oenophile or those who are new to wine! Our Tasting Room is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 11 to 5. 

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Harvest Festival at Blackwoodlane winery
Harvest Festival at Blackwoodlane winery
Harvest Festival at Blackwoodlane winery

2013 Alliance Release Party

Held December 7th, 2019

It was a pleasure to see many of our loyal winery friends last night at our 2013 Alliance Release party, and to have had the opportunity to share the newest vintage of Alliance. 2013 Alliance certainly can bring a party to life! Of course, it helps that our winery customers and friends ROCK! Thanks to all who attended.

Harvest Festival at Blackwoodlane winery
Harvest Festival at Blackwoodlane winery
Harvest Festival at Blackwoodlane winery



Blackwood Lane Winery is proof that you can’t throw away tradition if you want to produce world-class wine. Carlos Lee, owner of Blackwood Lane, has an abiding love and respect for the traditional French winemaking practices, and the results are undeniable - love at first sip. But just how does Carlos create magic in a bottle? Quality over quantity.

The keyword is “handcrafted”. Blackwood Lane wines are made with well-grown BC grapes of the Okanagan Valley in the Oliver-Osoyoos area, fine French oak barrels and most importantly, time. Blackwood Lane red wines are aged at least three years before being released. This creates a smooth, well-integrated wine that offers layers of fine flavours and aromas. While the red wines can be cellared for many years, it’s not a necessity as Carlos releases them only when he feels they are ready to drink.

Blackwood Lane wines are deliciously fruit-forward with very fine tannins and are free of harsh chemicals or additives. Since there are no fining agents such as Isinglass and egg whites, our wines are also vegan! World-class wine for all!

Blackwood Lane Winery證明了如果你想生產出世界一流的葡萄酒, 那就一定不能拋棄傳統. Blackwood Lane的老板Carlos Lee對傳統的法國葡萄酒釀造工藝有著無限的尊重和熱愛, 其結果是不可否認的 --- 讓妳第一口就愛上了. 但是Carlos如何在瓶子裡製造魔法呢? 用質量而不是數量.

關鍵字是 “手工製作”. Blackwood Lane的葡萄酒是用在Oliver-Osoyoos地區的Okanagan Valley生長良好的BC葡萄在法國優質橡木桶中釀製而成的, 當然, 最重要的是時間. Blackwood Lane的葡萄酒在上市前至少要經過三年的陳釀. 這創造了一款味道醇和, 充分混合的葡萄酒, 提供層次精緻的味道和芳香. 人們經常用年代來評論紅酒, 但是Carlos認為是沒有必要. 他只銷售他覺得可以出手的紅酒.

Blackwood Lane葡萄酒口感醇厚, 單寧細膩, 不含任何化學物質或添加劑. 因為沒有任何像明膠或蛋白那樣的添加成分, 所以我們的葡萄酒也是純素的! 適合所有人的世界級葡萄酒!



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The Release of the 2010 Presidènt, Our Iconic Wine

It's finally here! Be part of Canadian wine making history! Only 300 magnums were made! This is our once in a lifetime release of the Presidènt iconic wine! Shop online because they won't last!

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The President iconic wine by Blackwood Lane Winery








News & Updates

Harvest Festival at Blackwoodlane winery

Every season at Blackwood Lane is cause for celebration. Instead of la-menting the nadir of summer, we are excited to usher in the alluring aura of autumn! Indeed, as the leaves turn from green to gorgeous hues of burnt-yellow, rustic-red and chestnut-brown, our gorgeous winery trans-forms into a romantic Fall fantasy. And what better way to fête the arrival of the season than by joining us for this year’s Harvest Festival!

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Summer at Blackwoodlane.ca

It would be an understatement to suggest that this summer has been a busy one for us! Indeed, the season has gone by so fast that we’ve barely had time to catch up with all of our members and friends of Blackwood Lane! In truth, we were having too much fun! When you love what you do, time just has a way of melting away! Well, now that we’ve got a moment, here’s what we did over our summer at the winery!

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