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Carlos Lee President & CEO Blackwoodlane Winery

Carlos LeePresident & CEO

CARLOS LEE was born in South Korea but grew up in Peru. This significant move, at an early age, helped hone his ability to adapt, survive and thrive under challenging conditions (much like the grapes for which he has a passion). 

His early love for mechanical engineering brought him to Toronto, Ontario where he pursued Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto. After engineering, he engaged in a Master of Science Program at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. 

After working with Canadian National Railway as a member of the chief engineering team for the Motive Power and Car Department, Carlos moved to Detroit to work in the automotive industry, where he was instrumental in designing several patented applications, while concomitantly pursuing a Master’s in Engineering, with an emphasis in Business Administration, from the University of Western Ontario. 

After retiring from the automotive industry, he relocated to British Columbia to care for his aging parents. Carlos soon made a life-changing discovery. He realized that BC had the best grapes in Canada, so he decided to pursue his life-long passion of making superior wines in BC, instead of in Tuscany or Southern France. 

His dream came to fruition in 2004, with the release of Alliànce—still his biggest seller 14 years later! Indeed, Alliànce was a phenomenon right out of the gate, scoring 94 points out of 100—the highest score ever recorded for a BC wine! Carlos explains that it takes 8 years to release it to the public: “I create carbon copies of expensive wines. I don’t try to change or deviate from the original perfection. I strive to maintain the consistency of these original wines, and create what tastes like a $3000 wine for $69.”

Ever since then, Carlos has been improving upon perfection. It’s big brother, The Referènce, scored 97 points, and is currently the most expensive wine in the province at $150 per bottle.

Carlos makes his wine with unparalleled passion. When he talks about the process of winemaking, he lights up. He makes his wine with oenophiles in mind, but he seems to take singular delight in watching the uninitiated taste his wines for the first time.

However, not one to rest on his laurels, Carlos is about to release his most ICONIC wine yet: the 2010 The President. 

This delightful Bordeaux style blend exceeds all expectations and propels BC wine to new heights. With a price tag of only $800 for a Magnum, this product is sure to humble the French just a little!

Kimberley Collins, General Manager-  Blackwoodlane Winery



Kimberley Collins General Manager

Kimberley has been with Blackwood Lane since the beginning. She is the General Manager. She is also a Certified Sommelier, getting her accreditation through the International Sommelier Guild (ISG). Besides her tasting room and office duties, you will find her in the wine cellar as well. In addition to managing the winery, Kimberley studies aromatherapy and has a passion for drumming.

Daniel Lee, Cellar Manager-  Blackwoodlane Winery



Daniel Lee Cellar Manager

Daniel, son of Carlos Lee, was literally born into the wine business! He’s been part of Blackwood Lane since it opened 13 years ago. He’s now the Cellar Manager and does everything from crushing grapes, to bottling the wines. Having had the opportunity to develop his palate at a young age, while learning the finer points of winemaking under the tutelage of his father, Daniel is poised to continue the legacy of creating BC’s best wines. When Daniel is away from the winery, he enjoys skiing and snowboarding at Whistler, drawing, and making music.

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